Shirt: Printstar / 5.6oz
Size: S / M / L / XL
Color: Light Purple / White 


音楽家RUOHが2020年10月にKumo Communication からリリースしたミニアルバム「melon?」のTシャツです。


This is a T-shirt of "melon?"-RUOH, Released in October 2020 from Kumo Communication.

Handmade appliqué T-shirt by Arisa Odawara
Shirt: Printstar / 5.6oz
Size: S / M / L / XL
Color: Light Purple / White 





Artworkは孫波瑠央(Son Haruo)さんにお願いしました。 



I made my new EP by processing and editing the sound of the video that I casually filmed during my visit. The place is the title of the music. 

I asked Son Haruo for the artwork. 
The images of the four videos are trimmed and arranged in the artwork. The background is a photo of a melon that had been forgotten and grown in the weeds. 

The melon had a thick skin and was difficult to cut. I cut it, but it smelled a little bad and I threw it away. 
If I couldn't find this melon, I might not have completed it yet. 
Maybe it's a melon. My family also planted a watermelon next to it, but it's probably a melon. So I added a ? to the title.